It’s Not Too Late! Who is Rudeus Greyrat from “Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation”?

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Let me introduce you to Rudeus Greyrat, the protagonist of “Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation.” His character provides many lessons and emotions through the theme of reincarnation. The story is set in another world, depicting his growth and adventures. The tale of Rudeus, who reincarnates from modern Japan into a new life in another world, continues to captivate many fans. Let’s delve into his story in more detail.

Beginning of Reincarnation

Rudeus, nicknamed “Rudy,” is reincarnated from modern Japan into the village of Buena in the Fittoa region of the Asura Kingdom. In his previous life, he was bullied in high school, which led to him becoming a shut-in. He didn’t leave his house until he was 34 years old and didn’t even attend his parents’ funerals, resulting in his siblings kicking him out of the house. His chance for reincarnation came when he died trying to save three high school students from being hit by a truck. After reincarnation, Rudeus decides to live his new life seriously, carrying the regrets of his past life. He starts his new life in Buena Village, Fittoa, Asura Kingdom, where he begins studying magic, swordsmanship, and languages from a young age, leading to a fulfilling life vastly different from his previous one.

Growth in the New World

Rudeus holds three principles close to his heart: “Don’t get carried away,” “Don’t blame others,” and “Keep trying.” From a young age, he acquires various skills, including magic, swordsmanship, and languages. He also learns how to avoid conflicts with others. By always considering others’ perspectives and acknowledging his own faults, he gains the trust of those around him. His growth is a result of his efforts. Unlike his past life where he gave up on everything halfway, Rudeus faces each goal earnestly after reincarnation. His talent for magic is particularly outstanding, and with his early training in magic, his magical power becomes astonishing. His ability to use offensive magic without chanting overwhelms others.

Adventures and Encounters

Rudeus’s adventures truly begin with the Fittoa region teleportation incident on his tenth birthday. Along with Eris, he is transported to the Demon Continent, where he meets Ruijerd of the Superd tribe. Ruijerd helps him, and together they form the adventurer party “Dead End.” This party overcomes numerous challenges as they aim to return to the Asura Kingdom. Throughout the adventure, Rudeus faces many trials, growing each time. His abilities become recognized, and he eventually becomes known as “Rudeus of the Quagmire.” Along with his companions, he battles formidable foes, learns new skills, and establishes his reputation as an adventurer.

Growth and New Goals

Having gained extensive experience from his adventures, Rudeus begins searching for his mother, Zenith. Through his adventures in the north, he tests his strength and continues to grow. In his quest for Zenith, he meets many people and forges new bonds. Rudeus takes on various missions to enhance his reputation as an adventurer. As a result, he becomes widely known as “Rudeus of the Quagmire” and gains the trust of those around him. Eventually, he enrolls in the Ranoa Magic Academy as a special student, aiming for even greater heights.


The story of Rudeus Greyrat is one of setbacks and recovery, growth and adventure. His character provides many viewers with inspiration and lessons. His life is a symbol of effort and determination, and by watching his growth, we can learn much ourselves. Let’s continue to follow his adventures with great interest.

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